2.2 Ethiopia – Zara Yaqob

With Frumentius and Ezana, the Ethiopian church got off to a great start, but things did not stay that way. After 1,000 years, and centuries of setbacks, the nation and the church made a great comeback. It culminated in the reign of King Zara Yaqob in the mid 1400s. While his legacy is still felt in both the church and the nation, he is remembered both as a reformer and as a despot.

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  1. Wow! I am amazed and thankful, Pastor Eric!
    I am familiar with these stories as legends, praise the Lord you can research and document these narratives. I’ve very grateful for all your work on the Ethiopian church and will be happy to lend a hand whenever possible, especially with the pronunciations.

    Abraham K. Adhanom, PhD, PMP
    UCLA International Institute

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